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Monetize more effectively with Display Ads

Banner Rotator

If you want to rotate banner advertisements on your web page, you are in luck. You can use the simple and straight forward Ad Rotator from Mgcash! Mgcash connect and serves rekevant ads on your web pages, that your visitors will find value in and you get paid for each click that you provide to our advertisers.

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Interstitial ads

Shown to the visitor in between web pages, this format achieves higher engagement rates and usually delivers better revenues. If a user visits your site through a mobile device, this ad unit will adjust to Interstitial Mobile Ad, enabling you to monetize your mobile audience.

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Side-IN ads

Side-In ads are effective utilization of the webpage and are displayed at the leader position or between the content of the webpage. Such ads are attention seekers.

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mobile popup widget

Monetize you website mobile traffic with the mobile popup widget and the hight paying Games and Apps!

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overlay ads

Overlay Ads displays advertisements on top of relevant content. Get ads that look amazing and capture users’ attention, and users may simoly opt out via the close button in case they do not wish to view these ads at all

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